Maximize Profits, Minimize Costs: A Franchise Like No Other!

The Future of Stretching is Here: Kika Stretch Studios

Enjoy less investment than the typical stretch studio franchise. Pair that with higher net profits and a business model built for the modern world.


Work From Home

As an owner, enjoy the freedom to manage your franchise from the comfort of your home.

Employee-Centric Model

Our franchise ensures flexible schedules for employees leading to happier teams and lighter retention challenges.

Stand Out in the Market

Offer luxury in-home stretch sessions that not only provide convenience but set you apart from competitors. Be a pioneer in a niche yet rapidly growing segment.

Extended Territory

Unlike the traditional 3-mile radius, we offer an expansive 10-mile radius ensuring you capture a broader audience.

​Low Investment, High Returns

Our model significantly cuts traditional operational costs, maximizing your profit potential without the burden of physical location expenses.

​Proven Kika Method

A tried and tested method that helps clients live life without tension, making us their preferred choice.

Full Support

From training to marketing, we’re with you at every step.


  • Net Worth Requirement: $100,000
  • Liquid Cash Requirement: $30,000


Q: What’s unique about the Kika Method?

The Kika Method is a distinct approach to stretching that prioritizes passive stretching techniques. It’s scientifically designed to release tension and improve mobility, ensuring our clients lead a tension-free life. We are the only studios that offer The Kika Method.  We stretch your entire body, during each session and follow a proven Method of stretching that is consistent within each of our studios.

Q: What’s the kind of post-launch support Kika offers?

We provide comprehensive support including training, marketing materials, operational guidance, and access to our network of successful franchisees for insights and mentorship.

Ready to Revolutionize the Stretching Business?

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Join the Kika Stretch family and redefine success on your terms.
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